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  • Deanne Kestel

What Should I Be Using To Groom My Long Haired Cat

First the Fine Toothed metal comb is used for the face, cheeks, head, back of ears and under the chin to remove loose hairs from long coated cats and to prevent the fur from clumping/matting and getting knotty. Also great for removing dry crusty eye juice and food from breeds such as Persians.

Second is the Metal Greyhound comb which has a wide end and narrow ended teeth. The wide end is ideal for working the longer haired parts of the cat such as the cats tail, back of legs, and mane to remove dead coat, prickles and small knots. The narrow end is used to go over the rest of the cats body, working through in the same direction of your cats coat.

When working the comb through the hair if you feel resistance that means theres dead coat to be removed, so keep going until it slides through like butter.

Third the slicker brush, (Important to make sure the slicker brush you buy has the protected ball tip pins, stainless steel pins with soft protected teeth as cats have sensitive thin skin, the slickers without this are too harsh and hurt the cats skin and are a big reason why some cats don't enjoy being groomed). A slicker brush is a great follow up tool after you've used the steel comb to groom your cat, the wires get deep into your kitty's fur removing loose fairs and dander which prevents matts, great lil brush for separating the coat..

Fourth is the Boar Bristle brush, great for fluffing and finishing a groom, helps to remove dander, this soft brush will provide your cat with a great massage, also encourage and stimulate blood flow to your cats skin promoting healthy skin and coat and helping your cat achieve a healthy shiny coat.

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