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  • Deanne Kestel

How Often Should I Get My Cat Groomed

There are many factors that effect how often a cat should be groomed... age of cat (older cats require more frequent grooming as they no longer have the mobility, motivation and energy to maintain their coat)... Length of coat (Long haired cats need to be groomed more often than the short haired breeds)... Time of year, (coming into summer cats tend to shed more as they drop the winter coat they grew to keep warmer in winter)... how much time and how often the owner cat put into grooming the cats coat and if the cat is an inside or outside cat (outside cats tend to become more dirty with prickles, leaves and sand becoming embedded in their coat)... Also cats that are obese/over weight cannot physically groom themselves and tend to develop oily, greasy coats so regular bathing will help... These are just a few of the main ones. Cats benefit from grooming just like dogs. Regular grooming removes loose fur and dirt. It also smoothes out mats and tangles, removes dander and redistributes the natural oils. "Grooming prevents problems" if you have a long haired cat like a Persian, Ragdoll or Maine Coon, you know they require regular brushing to prevent matted fur. A regular grooming schedule every 6 - 8 weeks not only helps reduce the risk of constant fur balls that can cause a digestive blockage which requires surgery but it keeps cats clean right down to their skin, their fur is free of mats and as cats do like to be clean they're much happier and turn into a much more social creature when they're clean.

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