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  • Deanne Kestel

Matting in Cats

Understanding Matting in Cats

Matting occurs when greasy skin and coat, combined with natural shedding, lead to tangled fur. Once a small tangle forms, it can quickly become a larger, more problematic mat. Regular grooming is essential to prevent this issue, and it should be handled by a professional cat groomer who is properly trained.

Choosing the Right Groomer

Not all groomers are skilled in cat grooming. Some may use products and techniques that could exacerbate matting issues. It's crucial to select a groomer that not only knows what they are doing regards to Matt removal but is also confident in bathing cats as most cats will benefit from a bath after having Matt’s removed.

The Importance of Regular Grooming

Grooming is not just a cosmetic necessity; it's vital for your cat's health. Without regular brushing to remove dead fur and washing to eliminate excess grease and saliva, matting will occur. Greasy and spit-covered fur strands clump together, pulling at the skin's base, causing bruising and potential skin damage. Severe mats can pull so tightly that they cause open sores and rip fur from the skin.

The Hidden Dangers of Matting

Matting isn't merely unsightly; it can conceal serious health issues beneath the surface. While tangles can form overnight, matting is a gradual process. Professional groomers can assess the severity and duration of matting based on the condition of the cat's skin and fur.

Preventive Measures

To prevent matting, regular grooming is essential. This involves two key steps: removing excess hair and eliminating excess grease. Use cat-formulated soap with warm water and the appropriate combs to maintain your cat's coat. Regular grooming should occur every 4-6 weeks, depending on your cat's hair growth cycle, rather than on an annual basis.


Preventive grooming is a compassionate approach to maintaining your cat's health. Don't wait until matting becomes severe to take action. Regular grooming ensures your cat remains comfortable, healthy, and mat-free.

By following these guidelines and choosing a professional groomer, you can ensure your cat's coat remains in excellent condition, free from the discomfort and potential health issues caused by matting.

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